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  2. Pls check your results a bit beter....
    Code (Text):
      private void registerIronTrapdoorToIronIngot() {
        ShapelessRecipe rec = new ShapelessRecipe(new ItemStack(Material.IRON_INGOT, 4));
        rec.addIngredient(1, Material.IRON_TRAPDOOR);
    Why this is wrong? When you craft a IronTrapdoor you just need 4 Iron Ingos and you get 2 Irons Trapdoors...
    Now when you uncraft both Trapdoors (so 2 times one) then you get 4 iron back for each uncraft.
    it must be 2 there. - because u just used 2 to craft it (renember u need 4 to craft 2 trapsdoors)

    About the Recipes...i see a lot of them are missing - where are the 4 kind of doors, woodfences, glasses, colored wool, windows,...and and and..:)

    Also you make no differencei n the wood types...all u getbet it oakwood.. - fo a crafting table this may is ok, but for planks?

    i downloaded it but, i havent gave u a rating to give u the chance to make it better :)

    if i would rate it, i would give it 3 / 5 starts. 3 because the recipes in it work as you programed them
    but the missing 2 points because of this really really uncomplete list that also knows no different kind of a recipe .... like oakplanks and darkoakplanks
    noone said is must be complet up to 100% - but the list should contain most backwarts crafts.
  3. You need 4 iron ingots to craft 1 trapdoor. Correct me if I'm wrong.
    And I did never say that all the crafting recipes are in this plugin, I will add more crafting recipes.
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  4. ok your right about the Irontrapdoor xD

    it was the IronDoor... where u get 3 with a useage of 6. but doors are currently not is your list :3

    May u first should add a note on the plugindescription that sais:

    - current uncraftings is not complet.
    missing: material variants, doors, woodfence, etc..
    i will work on them as soon when i have some time.
  5. I've added to the description that the plugin is not finished yet.
  6. 4 Stone bricks is made with 4 stone.
    Uncrafting it here, one stone brick gives you 4 stone.
    So craft stone bricks with 4 stone, then uncraft the stone bricks you crafted, then you get 16 stone back in total. Repeat and infinite stone/stone bricks.
    Just thought I'd point it out. I didn't use this plugin
  7. Thanks! Updated.