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  2. I failed >.<
    OBC does indeed have the names on methods,

    Look there. a(int, boolean)
    I have no idea by first sight on the method if that's the one, or what it even does.
    Is there a "dictionary"/javadocs for those that explain them?
  3. It changes constantly so it would be hard to make a reliable dictionary of the obfuscated methods.
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  4. Then we'll do it.
    Decompile all the stable versions for the NMS lovers and create it.
    Have it all in one place.
  5. Would be a great thing to have. Most of the time NMS is written by blindly following tutorials. Seeing the parameters will really help knowing what the heck is going on, especially when figuring out how to update it.
  6. Already trying to figure out MCP :p
    Hopefully I'll get it up by the end of June, and maybe even 1.9 or 1.10? :eek:
    (1.8.8 is the latest in MCP. I'll find another way when I get to 1.9)
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  7. BuildData has mappings if that's what you mean

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    spigot has mappings and mcp has mappings. they don't cover all methods (that would be ridiculous) tho. spigot only renames the methods that are used by craftbukkit (and call the classes of course) and mcp has a bit more (the mappings aren't really compatible tho.
  9. Just use Forge to setup a 1.9.4 /1.8.9 (they are workung on 1.10) environment, open that in another window, click any class from the forgeSrc dependency and profit.