CraftBukkit is dead, will Spigot be next?

Discussion in 'Drama' started by ROTNdev, Sep 3, 2014.

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  2. Call up shrek!
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  3. So after reading about the wolf guy it seems craftbukkit used some of his code, or so he claims, so until the mojang lawyers figure that out I guess CB is down
  4. Here's a summary for those that don't know what they are talking about.

    Key points to start off:
    • First: Wolvereness is not a part of the section of the Bukkit team which was hired by Mojang.
    • Mojang have claimed that the GPL license used by CraftBukkit is invalid due to the distribution of Minecraft server files with CraftBukkit.
    • Wolvereness has claimed that Mojang are violating copyright over code he authored in CraftBukkit as he committed it under GPL [EDIT: It seems his claim is largely about him not being notified of Mojang's ownership of Bukkit despite him already being a contributor].
    • He has therefore submitted a DMCA takedown on CraftBukkit's downloads.
    • If Wolvereness' takedown is deemed valid (there are bad consequences if it isn't), then Mojang will need to do one of the following things:
      • Remove all of Wolvereness' code.
      • OR not use CraftBukkit and update it at all.
      • OR pay / otherwise convince him to withdraw it.
    • The problem with this is that his code is rather crucial to the project - he has authored the 3rd most contributions out of anyone.
    There are some complexities to the current situation, these being:
    • Nobody is 100% sure whether the DMCA is really valid or not - however we can assume Wolvereness is very confident because there are heavy consequences for submitting an invalid one.
    • Mojang are not allowed to release an updated Bukkit without making the source public.
    • Nobody can download CraftBukkit [EDIT: Bukkit repo is now down too] until it is resolved.
    • Even if Wolvereness' code is removed ANYONE else who has a single commit to CraftBukkit can submit a similar DMCA.
    • It is also unlikely that Mojang will even try to update Bukkit before the DMCA's are entirely sorted out.
    lukegb has now made some comments (from #bukkitdev):
    Would indicate that Bukkit maven repo is coming back up (note: not CraftBukkit afaik)

    If anyone has something they think is wrong in this post or they want me to add something, tell me. If @jflory7 would like to make a new Drama thread for this with this post as the OP I would be appreciative - I feel this can help people understand better as not many people do.
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  5. CraftBukkit didn't use 'some of his code' - he wrote a good quarter of CraftBukkit.
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  6. That, is one of my major concerns.
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  7. Is Wolvereness a Mojang employee?
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  8. Nope and never has been.
  9. I bet mojang will offer to buy out his copyright to his code to save craftbukkit. Everything has a price. I'm sure mojang has some pocket change... or they could hire him...
  10. OK, and he submitted it for free as part of an open-source project. So where is the US Copyright Law violation?
  11. It would be bad if Wolvereness gave in, because Bukkit would become closed-source, if I understand all of this correctly.
  12. Because he didn't sign off possession of the code (CraftBukkit doesn't require it) and as such he retains copyright over the code. It is also a GPL project which Mojang are attempting to change and legally cannot (debatable - that's what we're waiting to see the results of).
  13. You're both probably wrong.

    If they pay of Wolvereness EVERY SINGLE contributor EVER to CraftBukkit can submit a DMCA - if just a few of the big names submit one they'd have to pay out a lot.

    Also all it takes is one major contributor who says no to Mojang no matter what they offer and they're screwed.
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  14. So did he copyright his code AFTER he gave it to craftbukkit for free? If he did then he is skrewed. And seeing that this guy made an issue of this I wouldn't be surprised if mojang becomes closed sourced. So they don't have to deal with this issue again..
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  15. No... It was copyrighted as soon as he wrote it - a programmer has copyright over every original piece of code they write. It was committed by Wolvereness under the GPL. Since Mojang are trying to take the GPL away he is saying they can't (he has a valid point) because he retains copyright over the code he submitted and he submitted it under GPL and hasn't granted his permission for the license to be changed.

    Mojang cannot close the source of CraftBukkit legally without either getting permission from EVERY SINGLE CONTRIBUTOR ever or removing the code written by EVERY SINGLE CONTRIBUTOR who doesn't agree. This means there would only be Dinnerbone's code left pretty much.

    If Mojang update Bukkit they are legally obligated to release the source when they release Bukkit.
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  16. That doesn't sound like too bad of a trade off, bascially nothings changed other than Bukkit now being developed by Dinnerbone.
  17. Well you know Mojang.. they like that closed source stuff.
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  18. The only problem is they can't update it at all if there is a DMCA in place.
  19. So in a nutshell craftbukkit is now a copyright mess and will probably be shut down? Is there anything anyone can do to keep it alive?
  20. It all depends on whether Mojang retract what they wanted to do and sort it out with Wolvereness and probably a couple of other things.
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