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  1. For some reason i love Craftbukkit i know spigot is a fork, but my best friend always said Craftbukkit is what people use for servers he didnt even know spigot.

    Have you ever liked Craftbukkit more then spigot, Because i know spigot is better then craftbukkit i just know more about Craftbukkit for months..
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    On the contrary… if you switch to Spigot, you will notice little to no difference than running a server with CraftBukkit in terms of configuration or plugin compatibility! As explained in this wiki article, almost every CraftBukkit plugin is reverse compatible with Spigot – they use the same foundations for their code!

    Try switching to Spigot and see if you notice any huge performance enhancements on your server. You might find yourself asking why you hadn't switched earlier! :)
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  3. When I switched, I asked myself that, and then I realized the answer was that I'd never heard of spigot before xD
  4. When I switched to spigot it wasn't until a late stage.

    I definitely see some better performance, and better connectivity.

    The community is also much better since:

    • It has an all around community, where bukkit mostly has developers
    • The rules are less strict therefore allow for more flexibility
    • @jflory7 is a moderator, which is already a win
    • You can sell plugins
    • The updates are constant and bugs are usually fixed really quickly.
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  5. I am using Spigot for the last month..