Solved Crafting Problem

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  1. Hello, I`m tying to craft a "sand farmer" with sand and a god apple in the middle but it only works for golden apples. What can i do? Line 12:
  2. Code (Text):
    sand3.setIngredient('1', new MaterialData(Material.GOLDEN_APPLE, (byte) 1));
    Or just this: recipe#setIngredient(char, material, data);
    Code (Text):
    sand3.setIngredient('1', Material.SAND, 1);
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  3. Thank you, it works but in Eclipse i have one Warning "
    Description Resource Path Location Type
    The constructor MaterialData(Material, byte) is deprecated /xTHCORE/src/pl/tokzen/xthcore line 68 Java Problem
  4. You can safely ignore the error, it wont effect the plugin in anyway using your current version. If Bukkit updates they may remove the method.