Spigot Crafting Recipe Blocker 1.2

The plugin that any factions server needs, block any crafting recipe in the game.

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    Crafting Recipe Blocker - The plugin that any factions server needs, block any crafting recipe in the game.

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  2. @TheNylox94 ...you are supposed to rate plugins on what they claim to do, not what you want them to do but they don't. This is like giving McDonald's a bad review because they don't serve pizza. ;) Someone who is using one of the compatible version may see your 2-star rating, assume the plugin is broken, and move on feeling hopeless.

    If the plugin did not create a folder, then there would be an error in your console. I'm on Paper 1.16.3 and when I do /pl it shows DashCraftBlocker in green, which means it loaded properly. I then went to my plugins directory and holy moly there was a directory called DashCraftBlocker!! :cool: 99.9% of plugins use the exact same name as the file, but not all do.

    Though...as I expected it does not work with the new 1.16 blocks. Kvinne can you please update it? No errors in console, so it should only need an API version change, right? We need this in our life!!! lol ...and you are the only active developer with a plugin that does this.
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  3. Ahaha, no worries, later today I will update it. Thank you for the feedback!
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  4. All is not well in the land of crafting (lol). Depending on how you look at it...there is an extra y in the class name, or a y missing in the plugin.yml

    [17:54:22 ERROR]: Could not load 'plugins/CraftBlocker.jar' in folder 'plugins'
    org.bukkit.plugin.InvalidPluginException: Cannot find main class `com.dashcraft.CraftBlocker'
    But with a quick plugin.yml edit & reboot...I get in-game with my non-OP alt and while it tells me things cannot be crafted, it doesn't block the crafting. [cringe analogy incoming lol] It's like the bank security guard whispering, "Stop Mr. Bad Man. Please don't rob the bank!" then going back to eating his donut The bank robber gives him the finger and gets rich. :LOL:

    EDIT: @KvinneKraft status? Most things I can just blacklist through WorldGaurd, but I need to block the crafting of hoppers, otherwise I can't reduce their usage.
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