Spigot CraftingFrames 1.0.4

Use Item Frames to craft preset items

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  1. EliteDuck


    An amazing mod has been ported to Bukkit by an amazing developer. Will be adding to my servers soon.

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  2. @Phoenix_2737
    Thanks for the review! :)
    I guess you are talking about the item that is dropped when you break it(?) I'll see if there's a way to replace that.
  3. I am indeed, and thanks! You're such an amazing dev :D
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  4. PhanaticD


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  5. Probably because it stops at 64 items when crafting a stack. Since TNT needs 5 gunpowder (and there are only 4 left), it sort of ignores the other stacks.
    I'll see if I can get it to use all available stacks :)
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  6. PhanaticD


    looking forward to it
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  7. great plugin
  8. PhanaticD


    any possibility of respecting worldguard? or just if the interact is cancelled in general?
  9. PhanaticD


    also another issue using milk buckets for example to make cake takes the whole bucket
  10. Sorry, forgot about that part, should be simple to add
    Edit: It already ignores all cancelled interact events with item frames, I'll check if I can make it work somehow.

    I'll have to see if spigot has a way to check for recipes like that.
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  11. PhanaticD


    any update? ppl still can use craftingframes to steal items from chests
  12. PhanaticD


  13. How can i make custom recipes? I try the config.yml but it seems not work.
    I'm still using 1.11.2 - get no Errors. Any idea's?
  14. Whilst I am not a programmer myself, it would seem to me, that, any inventory considered private, as say, with lockette, would be unavailable to the crafting frame, as logic tells me that crafting frames does not check whom actually placed the frame, so it might not be able to check if the person using it, has access to that inventory.

    Instead, if people want to take advantage of a luxury as automated crafting -- in a sense -- they would take care to place decent security to protect their property, for instance with lockette protected doors, or other security measures, such as disallowed interaction rights via Towny.

    That having been said, you do raise a valid point, grief protection is an issue all server owners should take to heart, but I do not think it is fair to place responsibility for every conceivable griefing scenario with plugin developers, as there are ample protective methods available.

    Initially, I wanted to see if further support was going to be added as in 1.11.2 non-stack-able items do not appear to be created, despite an effect happening with each click, nor are items taken from the player's inventory or chest on such occasions.
  15. PhanaticD


    will you be updating to 1.13