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  1. Tux


    Hello everyone!

    I recently launched my server list, called I am looking both for your servers (please submit your server, it only takes a few minutes) and feedback/suggestions. In addition, this is the official NuVotifier and SuperbVote server list, if you use either (or both) I'd love to see your server on here!

    There is currently no advertising, because I'd like to have content and work on the site's SEO before I add advertising.

    Main features:
    • NOT based on a script from Codecanyon
    • Server uptime and player graphs
    • Server banners
    • Votifier (v1, NuVotifier v2 later) support
    • Simple, clean, mobile-friendly layout
    I already have a small (but growing) list of features to add, so the site will get more useful as time goes by.
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  2. Just by giving it a once-over, it looks the same as pretty much every other server list site. What makes yours better than the rest?
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  3. Tux


    Most server listing sites inevitably look similar. I have tried to differentiate from "just any server list site" as much as possible, but work remains for this.

    One notable difference is that this site is both responsive and mobile-friendly. Believe it or not, a fair number of popular server list sites are not responsive or mobile-friendly, which is important especially because MCPE is becoming more popular than the PC version and most people playing it will be on a mobile device. (This is why there's a link to a planned MCPE server list in the footer.)
  4. The problem is your layout and color scheme. Navy blue and light gray? Eh.

    The layout is practically the same, just way more bland with no color whatsoever. Even the font is generic.

    I'm not saying the layout isn't practical, you really can't get anymore practical than that, but I'm sure there are more unique and better ways it can be constructed.
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  5. Really? I know mobile gaming popularity is skyrocketing, but Minecraft doesn't seem like a game that a lot of people would play often on their phones. That's surprising to me.

    What do you plan on adding? I'm curious.

    Since you aren't adding advertising yet, I would like to make a suggestion. Most server lists rank the non-sponsored servers by votes, and allow you to select a category, but you could add a few other filtering options, such as most number of clicks (during the current month), oldest (order they joined your site), number of online players, etc. Just a thought. If/when you do add sponsored slots, you could always have them display above the filtered servers.
  6. Tux


    I'm not a web designer by trade, just a developer. There is still room to improve on the design, but I've iterated the look of this at least three times already and I'm not hungry to do any more.
  7. Really nice. Adding my server to this.
    This has no traffic, a clean design, no disgusting ads, and it's FAST!
  8. Tux


    Even if that's not the case, Microsoft/Mojang is clearly beginning to prefer PE over the Java version. I wanted to have my bases covered, since I'm reusing much of this code for the PE server list. So you can also partially consider this a coincidental side effect.

    Not going to reveal them all, but I have them on a Trello board and I'm working steadily through them. There is also a blog you can follow.

    I've added this to my TODO list. Thanks for the suggestion!

    This state won't last forever (except that the site will remain fast, and I plan on limiting the amount of advertising when possible), so enjoy it while you still can!

    As for traffic, there is some already! I am working on SEO but I need content (such as servers) in order to get there, hence the reason why I've submitted it here.

    Thanks for the feedback so far, everyone!
  9. I'm really looking forward to it. I just added my server! ( - Also if you want to let the money roll, go straight to featured servers.

    You mean by adding blinding advertisements, and bright lime green contrast on white? This is quality, and now this is just bad advice.
  10. Tux


    Not much sense in adding monetization without some traffic and content. ;)
  11. Skycade is a large network. :)
    Owned by a Youtuber.
  12. Tux


    I would know that because I am actually a friend of the person who runs it (Dwayne).
  13. I'm not challenging you, I just wasn't aware. I don't pay attention to PE at all, really.
    I will check that out, thanks!
    No problem, it's been something I've wanted to see in a popular server list for awhile. More options to find what you're looking for! Good luck with your project, I hope you are successful. :)
  14. Found a bug.
    If you vote, you can't vote again even if the server is different.

    I can be your troubleshooter if you like.
  15. Found another bug.

    You can't click the "vote" button on Mobile.
  16. Bug #3 -
    You can go onto another IP, and vote again for yourself. This breaks votifier as you can vote more than once for yourself in less than 24 hours (same username).
  17. I'm a vector artist designer, if you'd like to consult, send me over a message.
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  18. Tux


    Not a bug. It's intended.

    Can confirm. Adding to my TODO list to fix.

    To be fair, most other server lists will exhibit the same issue as well. I will add in a best-effort attempt to prevent this, though.
  19. WAS


    Maybe change the system to identify as something other than voting than. Like you get to "Endorse" a server. I don't know. Just feel like voting entails a per-server basis. Changing the standards by which people live is not usually the best way to get recognized. Now when it's "Unique" and meant to be different, it's easily explained away. Like moving away from the whole "Vote" concept.

    Also just a suggestion: The "Copy IP" button looks like crap (no offense). Maybe do what SteamDB does and when it's hovered over, select the text and create a mouse tooltip that says "Ctrl-C to Copy"
  20. Cool. Also try to add <a href="<?php header("Location: /vote/"); ?>">(button here)</a> - This might work for the button? I made a social media site for my family using php and database work. It's been a while.