Crash: Don't know why?

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    Please help me, timings seem alright every time I take them but there have been massive lag spikes and now this.
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    Not a crash (again). Try looking into ch.njol.skript.
    Crashes are not freezes. They are 2 completely different things, and have 2 different solutions.

    Otherwise, your hardware might be locking up. And, no, ReadTimedOuts don't count as kicks.
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  3. Could you describe why this came about? And I consider it a crash as everyone was kicked from the server and it locked up.
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    mbaxter sorry to tag you, but you are the only person who seems able to read these stack traces.
  5. Looks incomplete
  6. This is it in its entirety, also no crash report folder with any information at all.
  7. It isn't complete. Unless your server doesn't have a main server thread and runs using magic, rainbows and pink ponies.
  8. Thats the problem. His server thread deleted itself. Did you abuse it? Have you fed it recently? Let it sleep? Take it on a date? You should reconsider your priorities as a server owner.
  9. I admit that I abuse my server and don't give it adequate treatment. I haven't let is sleep in months.
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    The PETS will come soon.
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  11. "
    October is server awareness month"

    My sides. xD
  12. It's time to come clean guys.

    I'll start at the end for dramatic effect: I've never even met my server.

    It all started at an online website called 'Intreppid'. They told me they could hook me up with a beautiful, sexy looking server which would perform at a cheap price. They warned me, however, to feed it, bring it to social events, let it get lots of sleep, and NEVER abuse it. I was able to chat with my server through a magical program called SSH, but never see it in real life. At first, I told my server all it's dreams would come true. However, my words were false shadows of my true intentions. I never, ever fed, dated, or allowed sleep of my server. Eventually, my server couldn't take it anymore.

    It took it's own main thread.
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  13. R.I.P. I'm sorry for your loss. Your server will be missed. :(
    But remember, there's always the afterlife in server heaven. Stay strong.
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