Crash Log Error please help me

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Help' started by Luk_3D, May 8, 2015.

  1. Looks like a plugin/BungeeCord is trying to write to a file but is failing.

    Could you please post your server crash log?
  2. A plugin is causing this.
    Please post your config.yml along with your plugins.
  3. Configs for what? We don't know what plugin is chasing this and I can't think of an option in BungeeCords config.yml that would cause this.
  4. Maybe it's a mis-typed or a visual error in the config.
    Everything is possible.
  5. But then that would cause a YMAL error on BungeeCord load.
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  6. As a plugin I only SkinsRestorer but i don't remember the version.
  7. What do you mean?

    Is there anything in /crash-logs/ ?
  8. 1) I update at le last version SkinsRestorer
    1) I update the Bungee at 1064
    but the server all day have a crash
    New crash report:
  9. Could you try disabling SkinsResotrer and see if this issue stops. We will then see if this is a Bungee issue or now.
  10. I would like to avoid removing the plug because my players are very loyal. Here's what I managed to recover the time of the crash today:
  11. Is there any lines just before that snippet?
  12. I was able to understand the log files now if I send all crashes . Thanks to devote me time.
  13. No problem :) So this is all fixed now?