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Crash Report with Netty

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by selfservice0, Feb 9, 2013.

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    Can confirm it has any to do with the changes - its a very common plugin error.
  2. Right after putting in the Netty version I received this error twice in a row (crashed, restarted, one minute later crashed). I have not made any plugin changes recently and have not received this error before.

    But that does not go to say that it isn't a plugin, might be a plugin not getting along with the new spigot version. All I can say is it didn't happen before Netty, but did repetitively after Netty.

    PS: I'm using the new ProtocolLib that supposedly utilizes Netty So this may be causing the issue, but I have have this ProtoLib for a few days with no issues until now.
    Here is an error reported from ProtocolLib prior to one of the two crashes
    I'll send the report their way also
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    I'd try sending that off to ProtocolLib. As per the front post, this is still very much an extreme dev build, but its good to see you giving it a shot :) new changes are happening very frequently and are still unstable.
  4. I like to take a risk ;]
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