Solved Crash when a certain player join in

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  1. My English is not very good so pls keep it simple, thank you.
    ** Thank you for the help, the issue cause by player data corrupted, and this happen when a player use hclip(some kind of cheat client feature) when he mounting a donkey then logout and login again, their data was corrupted and crash the server. I'm running an anarchy server btw
    still havent find out the final fix for this, i still have to delete each of player data to keep the server running
    The issue crash my server like 10 times bettween 5 - 10 minutes in.[​IMG]
    Bellow is the log.
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  2. It would be good if you could put the whole thread dump or even the whole server log on a service like Pastebin because this short section isn't all that useful by itself.
  3. Here sir
  4. so i'm use /otp to teleport to that player before he get in, the chunk seems fine, the "corrupted chunk" only broken with that player?
  5. Oops, I may have said the wrong thing.
    It seems to be more of a corrupted entity.
    In this case, it's the player that is corrupt.
    I usually see this problem more in modded Minecraft, but to solve this issue you may have to remove the player's playerdata. Meaning, their inventory, exp level and any other player-related stuff will all be deleted.
    To locate the player's playerdata.
    Put the player's name into namemc or and get their UUID.
    From there, go to the world where the player is trying to join in and take down the world name.
    Go into your File Manager and find the folder with the world's name.
    From there, enter the playerdata folder and match the player's uuid according to the file names.
    Backup the data file first before deleting it.
    Try to get the player to join again, if the issue is still there, then you should put back the player's data file as that is not the problem.
    If the issue is no longer there, then you found the problem. But the player will lose all his progress on the server when his playerdata file is deleted.
    Advancements are gone too I think.
  6. Hi again, i did try to delete some corrupted player data and it does works. no more crashes when those players join in, but in some case there're still be some players have data corrupted and crash the server, how can i prevent this or maybe some of my plugins corrupt the player data.
  7. What kind of hosting are you using? Shared? VPS? Dedicated? Etc?
  8. If a specific player joins that every time that player joins the server crashes.

    Ive had this issue before. The solution I found is deleting their player.dat file..

    1. Stop the server.
    2. THEN Make a copy of the file and delete the original AFTER server is fully stopped.
    3. Start the server
    4. Have effected player attempt to rejoin the server.

    if the above works. Use a program like NBT editor to get the players items and spawn in replacements. OR if you have a inventory rollback plugin use that. (note that kind of plugin had to of saved their inven before..)

    Alternatively before stopping the server use a plugin like OpenInventory and move their belongings from their inven and ender chest to a chest for later retrieval.
  9. i'm using apexhosting with 16gb package
    Thx, i deleted 5 players data that was corrupted, and restore their items and position with inventorysave plugin, it's going well havent crash since then. Hope that no more player have corrupted data
  10. No problem glad to help. The only other issue could of been was a corrupted chunk. But ive had this issue multiple times in the past and have directly into the chunks they were at and never crashed. It rounded up being a corrupted player file every time.

    Now if it happens again to any of the specific players. Check the chunk they are at when login, if it crashes when you enter (without them joining) then it would be the chunk. But its likely just the player file corrupting for whatever reason. A plugin could potentially do it if it messes with the players dat file in any way.
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  11. yea, one more player have corrupted data and crash the server 5 minutes ago, and same, i teleported to that chunk and nothing happen, just his data was corrupted, i think i have to check my plugins again
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  12. As such if this keep on happening, explain to them of the issue and that you think their drives' may be at fault here. As such additionally ask Apex to test their storage array on the node your on, to prove that they did it on that node and the report itself of health status of this storage array.
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  13. so the isssue still keep happening, i notice that the server crash when a player login while his last position is sitting(mount) on a donkey. Yea i was right evey players cause the issue while login when sitting on a donkey. that's really weird situation.
  14. If that is reproduce able by say you and/or staffs then in that case I would divide and conquer the situation. Like this...
    1. Shut down server
    2. Remove HALF of the plugins
    3. IF it happens then the remainder is the issue, otherwise the issue is in the half already removed. Replace with that one if needed.
    4. Rinse and repeat until your left with the plugin(s) that causing this problem.