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Crash Crash, Who's reponsible?

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by saxon12, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. I had this crash today with almost no one online: http://pastebin.com/W2zDfu6X

    I'm searching for the plugin which caused it. Thanks for all help!
  2. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    if you have a MINECRAFT crash report, I need that.
  3. Puremin0rez


    I see "minigames" referenced quite alot, it would make sense that a failure getting chunk would relate to that.

    Only other plugin i see mentioned is autosave, which I suppose could also throw chunk errors if coded strangely.

    Pull one at a time and see whatever fixes it :) if it still happens after that, issue is something that's above my head.
  4. It happened again after a few minutes: http://pastebin.com/A9aP9i8C

    Sorry, I don't. I wasn't online at that time and their is no report in the crash-reports folder.

    Still looking for help :)