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  1. Good day,

    I'm having this error messages before the server crashes, I'm not sure if its random because I can't see patterns on it. Error on console: (javax.script.ScriptException: <eval>:1:3585 Expected an operand but found *). Anyone got clue what are possible fix for this?

    Server details, bungeecord 1.10 which is connected to 1.10 spigot server which is the one having the issue. Both jars are the recommended builds.

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  2. CD.

    CD. Previously Cediee

    Please provide more information
  3. Which are? I'm not sure what to provide though, my bad.
  4. CD.

    CD. Previously Cediee

    More server logs, plugins, server version?
  5. Gaxan


    List your plugins, in assuming you have some type of crafting plugin?