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  1. Hello! I am from Russia, so I will use a translator;) (Sorry for the errors) The thing is, I created a server, the NoCheatPlus plugin, a student comes in and asks him to stop crashes me (// calc I removed). I don’t believe him and somehow miraculously crashes the server for me (and as I understand it, the hosting on which I have a server crashed.) I ask him “how did you do this?”, He says “ports”, but I I don’t really believe him. Please help with these crashes, server logs ->
  2. He's lying. //calc is a command provided by World Edit. It basically makes the server do Math. A certain equation in the plugin can cause the server to crash,

    This is one of the equations that can crash:

    There are many more. But this command isn't supposed to be used by players in the first place. You can simply remove people's permission to use it with this permission node: -worldedit.calc
  3. Я сказал, я запретил // Calc и т. Д.
  4. That's good.
  5. Seems like your server was crashed via books - there's CraftMetaBook in the log. 1.8.8 is too old, so, I don't know if there's some plugins to fix it.
    Скорее всего краш через книги - в логах упоминание CraftMetaBook. 1.8.8 уже порядком устарела, потому не знаю плагинов, которые могли бы помочь.
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  7. Can you send me your plugin list and also the crash log if there is one please ?