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  1. does anyone know the solution to this demolition

  2. You mean DDOS'ing? Not very much you can do apart from contact your host or try a service like ProxyPipe which is expensive if I remember correctly.
  3. It's not ddos it's botter and wtf is this he down server in 1 sec,
    Plugins for antibot: AdressLimit, Bot-Sentry, AuthMe, AntiBot on hub
  4. My guess was DDOs'ing based on the plans offered in the discord tab; I guess plans can be offered for bot attacks. You don't exactly see players logging in though, just the server timing out. I'm not an expert on either.
  5. I think they close server for him only no for all players because my server today is online all time
  6. There's not much that can be done.

    Against bots you can use FlameCord (instead of BungeeCord because of netty fixes) and 2LS AntiBot (lightweight antibot).
    For DDoS you have to resort to some third party solutions such as buying OVH Dedicated Servers with Game Anti DDoS (L7 Anti DDoS) or paying for Cloudflare Spectrum/ProxyPipe/etc.