Crashes and Glitches

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  1. Dear community,

    I am looking into starting my own Hosting for minecraft servers, and i know that is something i need to research before starting as it needs so much attention and money.
    But the issue i am currently approaching is that some of the server which we are test hosting are being shut down by some of the players.
    Those are ddos attacks, bot attacks, null pings etc.

    I am currently trying to fix issues that can relate to host, as i am limiting almost all unused ports, higher ram, custom bungee versions etc.
    My question is how can i protect those servers from my angle.
    I tried to update java i don't know what is the most compatible as i search a little bit before asking here.

    Most solutions are update java, use premium minecraft servers (i can't decide for the buyers some of them wan't to host premium some cracked)

    Any advice from fellow host-ers big and small would be more than great.

    Thanks so much!
    And if i posted in wrong section just notify me i will delete this and repost it in the correct section.

  2. They could be using /stop