crashes, non stop crashes.

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    Hello guys.
    Ever since 1.6.2 my survival games server has been crashing consistently every 10-30 hours.
    here is one of the crash reports.
    Now here is the actual server.log error that comes up when the server crashes.

    Now some guys in the spigot chat have told me that this occurs due to corrupt map data. I have downloaded the region fixer and have scanned my file.
    here is the result.

    My server population consists of 50% of sg. It hurts a lot when the sg server goes down when i am sleeping.
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    md5 said this
    surgetheurge yeah probably a plugin deleting entities in an event
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    we have a plugin called one minute despawn, It changes the despawn time of items from 5 minutes to one minute.
    this is its code

    could it be causing the crashes?