Crashing server

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  1. Hey everyone, I've seem to hit an issue with my server where it keeps crashing at random times and I can't figure out why, I'd appreciate any and all help!

    Some extra information:
    It should be noted that I am using paper 1.17.1 (latest build) and I am using RealisticWorldGenerator.

    The only out of the ordinary I see in the console the last 2 times its crashed is the following
    Code (Text):
    18.12 22:39:43 [Server] INFO Snaq_ issued server command: /town spawn
    18.12 22:41:09 [Server]  UUID of added entity already exists: EntitySheep['Sheep'/85093, uuid='38c0b5bb-2bc5-424c-a0ed-f08f2c7c8b53', l='ServerLevel[world]', x=346.10, y=71.00, z=-181.77, cpos=[21, -12], tl=13093, v=false, rR=null]
    18.12 22:41:34 [Server]  UUID of added entity already exists: EntityCaveSpider['Cave Spider'/85508, uuid='a7093dfc-fa49-4583-b560-4a3454ef7972', l='ServerLevel[world]', x=192.65, y=105.50, z=-393.65, cpos=[12, -25], tl=615, v=false, rR=null]
    18.12 22:41:57 [Server]  UUID of added entity already exists: EntityChicken['Chicken'/85847, uuid='75118189-5949-4864-8c33-3091eb06802a', l='ServerLevel[world]', x=209.62, y=117.00, z=-456.39, cpos=[13, -29], tl=20713, v=false, rR=null]
    18.12 22:42:03 [Server]  UUID of added entity already exists: EntityCow['Cow'/85962, uuid='8bf1937e-b25e-48e6-9154-b4805b8af590', l='ServerLevel[world]', x=49.48, y=92.00, z=-482.26, cpos=[3, -31], tl=17812, v=false, rR=null]
    18.12 22:44:09 [Server] INFO UUID of player ChefLauce is 9715f601-b8d0-46a8-841a-46cde80fcf99
    18.12 22:44:09 [Server] INFO [ChatControlRed] TIP: Joining player to his saved channel global in mode write
    18.12 22:44:09 [Server] INFO [ChatControlRed] TIP: Player ChefLauce is already in channel 'global' in mode read, not adding.
    18.12 22:44:09 [Connect] User ChefLauce, IP
    18.12 22:44:09 [PebbleHost] ChefLauce ran command Message of the Day
    I can provide any logs, or a plugin list, just let me know, I'm just not sure what is going to be useful to diagnose the issue. Thank you again.
  2. Hey, I've got a similar problem, could send a list of plugins that you have on your server?