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Solved Crashing when players go to a specific spot in world

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by bradgillap, May 3, 2013.

  1. So the last few weeks I have had an issue where the server jumps to 100% in CPU and memory when players get near a specific area. Since I took so long to try and figure it out my backups had already rolled over so I didn't have anything proper to go back to without losing a lot of players work.

    One of my players finally mentioned that there was a minecart moving through the world with an absolute ton of sheep in it that may be causing the crash. Not sure how that even happened but I'll assume it was one of my plugins or messing about that caused it.

    Anyway I used Region Fixer to scan the world, no corrupt chunks. So I used it to check for entities and sure enough 3 chunks had several thousand entities in them. Region Fixer was able to resolve the issue without any damage to the world.

    They have an EXE version for scanning world files but I recommend just using the python version on ssh to do it right from the server. Make a backup first of course of the world and let this crazy awesome thing go to work.


    Just posting this to add to the information pile for people who use the search feature. Anything that saves MD5 some helpdesk time is useful I think.