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  1. Hi guys,
    I want to make vote system for my network and when players vote to give them vote key. With this vote key to can open vote crate. How to do this? Which plugins i must use(buy) and how to configure it? Thanks a lot!

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  3. Thanks but what to use votifier+votesender and what is GAL? Im new here and idk :D
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    You just need a plugin which can send commands when someone votes,

    You can use GAL to do this (Linked above), and other plugins too. You'll need Votifier and then just need the crate plugin too.
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  5. Gal is give anything listener using Votifier u can connect from a voting website to gal which can run any command like /crate give or whatever and there's a variable for player name as well! I will send a link to some vid titorials
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  6. I believe that also talks about GAL
  7. Hmm thanks. Last question :D Do i need other plugin to connect votifyers from all servers (VoteSender in lobby) or no?
  8. Just Votifier GAL and the plugin for the reward you want (crate plus).

    Please give a rating if I helped!
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  9. Okay, but i cant understand. Im installing votifyier, gal and crate plus in every server. When i want to register the server in voting site which public key i must add? Because i have 9 servers connected with bungeecord and cant understand how the system(or idk what) will detect the player in which server is and give him reward.
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    You could just put the IP for that single server into the Votifier details? Otherwise people seem to use a plugin like to send to all their servers from 1.
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  11. Thanks a lot, its working now. But there is new problem :D In my lobby i have NPCs for server selection. When i join for first time i cant see them, but when i go to other server and get back to lobby i can see them. Is it possible to be from ProtocolLib?
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    What plugin are you using for NPCs?
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  13. Use citizens, probably the best out there!
  14. Also it may be the client, I sometimes have glitches like that
  15. Im using Citizen (2 i think) + command NPC
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    Ensure all your plugins are updated I guess, otherwise they shouldn't vanish. If you still get it could you provide your plugin list (/pl)
  17. I think its from ProtocolLib because i add it today...
  18. Without protocillib evrything is OK