Solved crate key question, floating text, and more

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  1. first question: is there a way to reward players with a certain amount of crate keys, like after playing survival games, sky wars, etc. the plugin i'm using is

    second question: how do you create floating text

    third question: if I use carl the creeper plugin
    would I have any problems with mineplex or would I be fine?

    forth question: is there a updated plugin to teleport to a random location on 1.15.2

    fifth question: everytime I reload the server it keeps changing my gamemode to survival, is there a way to keep my gamemode the same?

    sixth question: Is there a updated per world chat plugin? The ones I found are outdated.

    seventh question: what plugins do hypixel and mineplex use for game selector and the other options
  2. 1. Use a command to give the winner the certain amount of crate keys
    2. Hologram plugins. Look it up
    3. Why would you..?
    5. This is a plugin, not with basic plain spigot
    6. If you didn't find one, so can't I
    7. Mineplex and Hypixel have their own developpers. They are custom made plugins. But a lot of plugins like that exist out there. Go on and explore the wilderness my friend!
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  3. Adding onto this,

    Hologram Plugin -
  4. okay thank you