Crate keys in Essentials kits?

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    1. (PRO) Crate Reloaded - Mystery Crate [1.8 - 1.16.X] 2.0.35

    2. EssencialsX

    We are trying to figure out how to automatically or by kit command give out Crate Reloaded keys. We wanted to use kits but unsure how to give that item out like that and also on another point if there is a way to give out the keys automatically say once a week or month.
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  2. Ok this is what we have tried

    Using Kit in essentials called it testcb And put in the crate reloaded command to get it to run the command when someone did the kit command and they would recieve the crate key. states that Kit was given to me but the key is not in my inventory. This is the code
    Code (Text):
        delay: 1
        - /cr give to %player% Cofre-Mitico
    It is almost like it will not read the command. Just doing a give. (cofre mitico is the name of the key translated Mythic chest)

    Any help here would be appreciated. We need the players to be able to claim their kits for different things.
    Ok just found this in the essentials kit.yml file that I had missed:
    To make the kit execute a command, add /<command> to the items list. Use {PLAYER} to specify the player receiving the kit.
    Problem is I am not getting it to work I have tried the following:
    Code (Text):
    1)  /<cr> give to {PLAYER} Cofre-Mitico
    2) /<cr give to {PLAYER} Cofre-Mitico>
    3) /<command> cr give to {PLAYER} Cofre-Mitico
    None of these seemed to work. Any suggestions?
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  3. For my kits that do commands I had to put them in 's like - '/somecmd %player% 1 251'
  4. Hey HexedHero. Tried it out but, Ya still doing the same thing. Says I recieved it but have not gotten anything :/ Thanks for the suggestion though
  5. Ok SOLVED the actual command in /kits is

    /cr give to {USERNAME} Cofre-Mitico

    using USERNAME it finally worked. Thanks to Evident on Essentials discord server.