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  1. Hi,
    I am creating a prison server and I have some few custom plugins, but creating a crate plugin would be a bit harder, is there any good plugins for crate keys?

    What would be best:
    - Be able to use an item to click chest for gifts.
    - Holographics hovering over
    - Able to create multiple crates

    Thank you.
  2. CustomCrates or CrateReloaded.
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  3. I use CrazyCrates, a fantastic multi-purpose crates plugin by @Kicjow , I love it so much, I made a tutorial on it!
    Here it is:

    And also here is a version of that config unedited with no comments if you want to work off of it

    If you have ANY problems whatsoever with its config if you decide to use it just ask me, i'd be happy to help ^-^

    P.S For the holograms, I suggest just using Holographic Displays from Bukkit.
    That is what i use on mine, and it looks pretty good to be honest
    IMG of that:

    Good luck :^)
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