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  1. So with the EULA now changed people who have crates on things like factions and prison have to alter there rewards. What things can be given which are not cosmetics?
  2. If not solely cosmetics then it not allowed. Simple as that.
  3. Not true at all.
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  4. The EULA specifically prohibits anything that alter the game play. Which is why it summed up to be it if not cosmetic then it not permitted.
  5. They say you can't sell items affecting gameplay.

    If you have a crate with gameplay-affecting features, it's fine, as long as a player can't spend money to buy the crate FOR THEMSELVES ONLY.
  6. So they could vote for a crate and get game play items but not buycraft purchase them
  7. Correct
  8. I like how we are all finding ways around the EULA which are still altering gameplay....
  9. It's causing mojang are retarded and putting businesses out with all the bull shit rules. The game affecting items is what keeps these companies going! Cosmic pvp is a example of a faction server that only sold game play items but now are forced to recode and make buy craft worthless.
  10. What do you mean? Money -> Win is not circumvented here. Its not about to alter gameplay at all, but money may not alter gameplay according to the eula.
  11. I dont give any shit about eula. When i had my server i had some retards tweeting PLS HE SELLS ITEMS and me saying. Suck my duck pls.

    If you server its not 300+ players and english you dont have any problems to break eula.

  12. You're forgetting that there are a ton of ways to get around it. If a minigame had special abilities, which donators have access to. If the special abilities are also accessible through gameplay, than you're fine. So therefore buying a rank on that server would just be paying to play. Which is allowed..
  13. Letting everyone get the key from one person purchasing is allowed by the EULA lmao
  14. No your not, they CLEARLY states that EVEN if you do this then it still violating the EULA. They only talked in great deal on soft+hard (real) money. But doing ANY other ways is prohibited.

    In short if the buff doesn't apply to all players regardless who paid than your breaking the EULA no matter how you "slice it".
  15. Then explain to me how a server like mineplex has kits you can use by donating, or in game currency.
  16. No one can really explain and that was actually discussed a couple of days ago in fact.

    My logic tells me that they did a "bathroom" deal with Morjang to spare them the EULA or to let them be on a separate contracted terms.

    Remember these guys most likely have money to dump any time to keep their "golden" servers "on the boil".
  17. Mineplex is dying out. Hypixel are EULA compliant and are growing rapidly.

    You cannot directly or indirectly sell a perk that gives a gameplay advantage over other players, if everyone gets the advantage then there is no advantage to be on top.
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  18. Some possible rewards: (These can be Donor Perks)
    VoteParty for all
    Give everyone a key
    Access to a Pet Pack, eg Friendly (Pig, Sheep, Cow)
    Broadcast for getting a rare item?
    Access to /shop (Opens GUI anywhere), Players need to /warp shop instead
    tagggggsss!!! Players LOVE tags!
    bypassing various cooldowns (could be rare in crates)
    Access to /nick, or access to colour
    Faster login times

    Hopefully they help :)
  19. How is mineplex dieing... Had 20k on earlier..? Just because mineplex doesn't have as much as hypixel doesn't mean it's dieing
  20. It use to peak much higher.
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