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  1. Hello!, I'm in the config file of "Crates Reloaded" and I'm trying to make it so when a SPECIFIC
    Item is won in the crate,
    a broadcast message shows. Anyone know how to do this?
  2. Yes ! It's simple to configure ! Send me more details or your crates.yml file plz
  3. Please give me more details or an exemple of what you want
  4. Bascially if a reward is won, for a example a spawner, a broadcast message comes up saying this player won this etc
  5. Ok no problem I give you an exemple of the config :D
  6. where is it?
  7. I give you it later i'im sorry :/
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  8. In CratesReloaded you can add multiple commands to 1 reward.

    For example:
    Code (Text):
            minimumRewards: 1
            maximumRewards: 1
                - 'cmd:(/tell %player% I'm going to execute the player!), cmd:(/kill %player%), chance:(7)'
    Basically allows for you to tell the user something as well as doing another command which in your case would be:
    Code (Text):
        - 'item:(268 1 &3Sword_L1 &aBeginner_Kit!%line%&1Level_2 16:1;17:1)'
    Code (Text):
        - 'cmd:(give %player% 268 1 &3Sword_L1 &aBeginner_Kit!%line%&1Level_2 16:1;17:1)'
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  9. Thanks :D