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The easy to configure Crates Plugin!

  1. Do you perform the command in your console?
    EDIT: Oh, i got it. The rewards has run this command in the console. :)
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  2. If the player disconnects while he is opening a crate, loses the crate and does not receive a reward, it is possible that the crate is canceled and is returned if this happens?
  3. I have fixed the problem when a player left the game.
    I can't give the crate back, because he can leave the game to prevent getting a bad reward.
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  4. Vorschlag:
    Crates über Chest's:
    z.B links Normal, rechts Epic

    Gewonnene Items sollen Commands ausführen können:
    z.B Eisen-Rüstung
    wenn man es gewinnt, sollte in Console z.B /pex user %player% set premium
    %player% = spielername

    Neue Command:
    Neue Kisten erstellen über Command
    /crates addcase [CrateName]

    Feuerwerk wenn man was gewonnen hat

    Sounds über Config einstellbar:
    = wenn man die Kiste aufmacht

    Broadcast von items die z.B Gewinnchance unter 10% gewonnen hat.
    [Crates] Der Spieler XY hat gerade aus der Epic Kiste einen Drachenei gewonnen!

    Und es gibt glaube ich ein Bug bei % GewinnChance bei Items. Habe es zum test auf 1% gelegt. Aber bei 1% kommt das Item öfter vor als bei 10%

    Und wenn man Item z.B Quarzblock &4TEST einfügt (durch die Gui) übernimmt er alles. Nur bei Items vergabe kommt z.B als Name 1556415985865-392-1

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  5. @DesperoKF
    • The Chest to open crates will be added in the next time.
    • You can already execute commands see the example on the plugin page. The player gets you with %player.
    • Fireworks are now on the todo.
    • The broadcast is already possible over commands.
    • Can you please send your crates.yml to proof the Bug with the chances.
    • Yes, that with the names will be fixed, with the material name.
      But you can edit the name in the crates.yml file.
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  6. Hello really looking forward to this plugin and its updates

    Was wondering if its possible to add inventory rather than additem?
  7. Hello C0nfi84,

    what do you mean? Can you explain your question?
  8. So instead of adding an item from your hand how about adding all items from your inventory to the crate
  9. With "/crate additem <crate>" opens an inventory.
    There can you move all items from your Inventory in and all these items will be added to the specific crate.
    Like this:
    Is this what you mean?
  10. Ah awesome i though it was add one item at a time
  11. Spanish translation:
    Code (Text):
      prefix: '&f[&eCrates&f] '
        nopermissions: '&cNo tienes permiso.'
        playernotfound: '&cJugador no encontrado.'
        nonumber: '&cPor favor ingresa un número válido.'
        syntax: '&cError de sintaxis, por favor use: %command'
        cratenotfound: '&cNo se pudo encontrar esa crate.'
        playeronly: '&cEste comando es solo para jugadores.'
        cratefound: '&cEste crate ya existe.'
      itemwon: '&aHas ganado: &f&o%win'
          reload: '&6/crates reload &fRecarga la configuración.'
          give: '&6/crates give <crate> [jugador] &fDa una crate.'
          list: '&6/crates list &fLista de crates disponibles.'
          additem: '&6/crates additem <Crate> &fAgregar objetos a una crate.'
          addcratev2: '&6/crates addcrate <crate> <itemname> &fAñadir caja'
          removecrate: '&6/crates removecrate <crate> &fQuitar la caja'
        reloaded: '&aConfiguración recargada.'
        give: '&aLe has dado una crate &f&o%crate&a a &f&o%player&a.'
        list: '&6Crates disponibles:&e %crates'
          open: Mueva todos los objetos que desee agregar al inventario superior.
          added: '&aSe han agregado los objetos y ahora se pueden editar en crates.yml.'
          noiteminhand: '&cTienes que sostener un objeto para el cajón en tu mano.'
          nodisplayname: '&cEl elemento de caja debe tener un nombre único.'
          added: '&aUsted tiene el cajón &f&o%crate &aañadido.'
        removecrate: '&eHas eliminado la caja &f&o%crate&e crate.'
        restart: '&cEl plugin &eCrates&c se ha actualizado automáticamente. ¡Por favor reinicie el servidor!'
  12. good plugin
    any plan update to 1.15?
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  13. Hi! I have 2 questions,

    1. Is it possible to decorate the empty space of the gui? I want there to be stained glass panes around.

    2. I was wondering if I could add commands to what can be won from crates, I was hoping I could trigger a command when it lands on a certain item to give a player money or something.

    Thank you and happy holidays! I've been looking for an alternative to CratesPlus since it seems like the developer has gone MIA for awhile!