Spigot CratesPlus - Free Crates Plugin! [1.8 - 1.16.4] 4.5.3

A free and great crates plugin for Minecraft

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    CratesPlus - A free and great crates plugin for Minecraft

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  2. Nice plugin.
    Screenshots in the post.
    Make so i/you can make your own kind of crates.
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  3. I had screenshots and I forgot to upload them, I was in the middle of a course and uploaded the plugin by tethering my phone to my mac. :p
    I have also started working on custom crates, quite far done so hopefully won't be long! :D
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  4. Suggestions: make so you can add spawn eggs to the crate item list
  5. Can u do so we can give a key we want to give.
    Like: "/crate key (crate) (player)"
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  6. Dude how can i get key without random

    /crate key {type} {player}
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  7. You can now do this in the latest update, use the item name "MONSTER_EGG" and then a "-ID" and replace the ID with the data id for the spawn egg you want. :)

    You can now use "/crate key <player> [type]" :)
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  8. Hey Dude what do you mean GUI when i unlock the key it doesn't appear a GUI
  9. Change the config option :p
  10. thanks, I want to know when they open the GUI they will just know what are the rewards
  11. You can get config help here http://pastebin.com/grPRrSXp :)
  12. Dude i can say that your Old version and New Version Support 1.7-1.8 Protocol Hack but the old Version 100% Support Protocol Hack
    But your new Update has a problem

  13. and also rewards it not random it rewards from the last to the first rewards
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  14. If you would like I could make a video for you. Also I really do like this plugin. It's just missing somethings and can't really compete with some of the other "Free" crates plugins.
  15. Great resource thanks for helping new networks!
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  16. How do i get non Ops to open the crates
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