Spigot CratesPlus - Free Crates Plugin! [1.8 - 1.16.4] 4.5.3

A free and great crates plugin for Minecraft

  1. Use a kill entity command that targets armour stands in a radius ... 5, when standing close to the hologram.

    /kill @e[type =ArmorStand,r=5,c=1] or
    /minecraft:kill @e[type=ArmorStand,r=5,c=1]
  2. If you're using 1.12 the holograms should be getting handled by another library, not standard Armor Stands. Try clearing your data.yml file if it's still there.
  3. This may be a stupid question but i cant seem to find an option for it. Is there a way to have the crates close once a prize is won? Currently players have to hit the esc key to close it. Thanks in advance
  4. if a player uses a key on the chest they cant open it.
    they can preivew the winning but cant use the key to open
    any sugestions???
  5. any luck with this im having the same issue
  6. when i reload my server i get this

    crate do work ... but all the display goes and i have to re put them down to get it to work again
  7. Excuse me, is the box changed into the at the end of?
  8. make sure your world-guard flag has "use" "allow" this should fix this
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  9. Can you change it into a at the end of box
  10. ha im nothing to do with this plug ... i was just helping that guy as i had the same problem :p
  11. Can you use the broadcast and fire work thing when a certain item has been won from the crate?
    If so how would the config look
  12. Hi,
    how your plugin checks if key is for its crate? I'm trying to do that some keys drops off the stone after digging and my key looks same as key from the plugin, but my doesn't work :C It has the same lore, name and enchant, but they are not the same ;_;
  13. can u do more than 54 items per crate?
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  14. Is there a way where you can use the same key on multiple chests? So that you can choose which prizes you want to attempt.
  15. The dev is very unactive... Considering moving crate plugins soon.
  16. Any news on a update?
  17. I believe he is halting his development on his plugins. Read his profile update status.
  18. Well that a bummer have to look elsewhere soon
  19. Yea :C. I do not think he is coming back to fix the bugs xD. I will just move on with a new plugin.