Spigot CratesPlus - Free Crates Plugin! [1.8 - 1.16.4] 4.5.3

A free and great crates plugin for Minecraft

  1. Hey guys, found a bug!

    BasicGUI --
    If i open a case, and press shift and click the rolling item in the rolling case, I can bug it out. So with 1 key, I can get more than 1 item.
    (You know, if you press shift + left click in a chest, you can get the item to your inventory faster, it can be used as a bug in the plugin)

    Personally because of this, I use NoGUI, but its less fun...
  2. If I use this plugins, users can't open normal all other normal chest.

    How can I fix it?
  3. To modify the lore of keys?
  4. Crate winning slots are to little, is there anyway to add pages to this?
  5. Uhhhhhhh... When I delete a crate (Shift+Leftclick) The Chest goes away but the Displays over the Chest (Invisible Armorstands) stay there. Help?!
  6. It was an internal problem sry
  7. You could use a feature like PerWorldInventory so your players will have separate creative & survival inventories.
  8. I was adding percentages for crates and when I reloaded all the crates stopped working
  9. TheJavaHacker


    Make sure you run everything via a YAML parser and ensure that the percentages make sense and add up to 100 in total for that crate.
  10. HUHU :)

    After update Paper to the actual Version, CratesPlus have a... i dont know what it is :)

  11. Help, OP can open the chest but normal player can't open the chest.
  12. Unfortunately this plugin sort of broke on recent 1.16.5 paper releases. It survived numerous updates but it's for sure not usable anymore. Non-Ops cannot open crates and previewing them no longer works
  13. I see....so everyone that using this plugin in their server is no longer work eh?
  14. The CratesPlus plugin is very user-friendly. I use it in every assembly, I haven't noticed any bugs. Advise
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  15. Here is a bug.when i shift+left click can take things out.sometimes in a residence,when i restart the server,the chest cannot work
  16. This plugin has been abandoned by it's team. Best to look for something else