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  1. Does anyone know if theres a way to add ranks to Crates Using CratesPlus if so can you please explain i use GroupManager Btw
  2. Inside of the CratesPlus config file all you need to do it create a new crate and set the (type) to "COMMAND". Then add a String called "Commands" and put the commands under it. This is an example from the default config:

    Code (Text):
            Type: COMMAND
            Item Type: MOB_SPAWNER
            Percentage: 25
            - 'spawner give %name% spider'
            - 'say %name% opened a crate'
            Name: '&e&lSpider Spawner'
            Item Data: 0
            Amount: 1
           - DAMAGE_ALL-5
            - DURABILITY-3
            - FIRE_ASPECT-2
    Basically just change around all the necessary stuff in the crate and put the command you use for your groups plugin inside of the "Commands" senction.
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