Spigot Crazy Auctions v1.2.16

Ever want to have a market for players to Auction off by Selling or Bidding off items?

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    Crazy Auctions - Ever want to have a market for players to Auction off by Selling or Bidding off items?

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  2. Could you provide screenshots?
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  3. Ya sure ill add those.
  4. Thank you bae
  5. Found a bug or i'm just been dumb. When i list 1 item, no one else can list anything else?? Please let me know if i changed something in the config by accident or i'm stupid :p!
  6. Did you give everyone permission to sell more then one item?
  7. Lemme check LOL
  8. That's not the issues. I'm opped so it wouldn't matter. The problem is that NO ONE can sell if soemone is selling something
  9. K ill look into it.
  10. 1. You are a Freak ^^
    2. I Love you and your Plugins
    3. I have some Feature Requests:
    Can you add a Option that an User can Create Shops Like this: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/better-shops.1758/
    (Chest, Holo, NPC`s) Thats Open the /CA View <Player> of the Shop Creator?

    And an Option for Admin Shops (Infinity Shops)
  11. Thanks why not just use there plugin?
  12. this plugin owner is inaktive
    you plugins have an better design and better funktion
    and i love it if i can use most plugins from 1 coder
  13. Well hmmm. I mite.

    No sorry just posted today and I haven't been able to take any.
  14. PLS PLS PLS add this Funktion that my Users can Create there Own Physical Shops
    And for me that i can Creat Physical Admin Shops
  15. Managed to find the problem?
  16. You said you quit MC after re-selling that guy's spawner rankup plugin. @GetMyCombos
    How aren't you banned lol?
  17. Hey, so I have a few more ideas.
    1. In the "refresh page" thing in the middle of the gui theres a count (so like tells you what page your on.
    2. An order button. So "sorted by price," (cheapest -> highest), or "sorted by most recent."
    3. Category appears when you type /ah rather than the auction.
    4. A forward and back thing. (So when your can go forward the forward item will be a map, if you can't it will be paper (ability to set item ids). (This is the same for the back.)

    Love your work bro, keep it up. :)
  18. 1. Well the GUI name says what page your on. So not much need to that that.
    2. Mite add somthing like that.
    3. Well I think the way it is now is better so the categories thing is a option.
    4. I don't understand the last one
  19. For:
    1. It would be cool if there was a toggle between it. (So you can remove it from the gui name and turn it into like %page%)
    3. There could be a true/false? I just think it looks neater with it at the front.
    4. In the AuctionHouse there are forward and back items. Which take you to each page of the category. What I mean is, there is an ID for when your able to go to the next page, and a different ID for when you cant. So for example, if I can't go to the next page it'll be a redstone, if I can it will be emerald. (Same for the back) Hope that is more clear. :)
    5. (for categories at the front or guis) Also when your on the auction page, on a close inventory event, could you make it go back to the categories? Same with the others. So if you access something through the auctionhouse, for example expired items. If you close the inventory, it'll go back to the last until it finally closes.
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