Spigot Crazy Auctions v1.2.16

Ever want to have a market for players to Auction off by Selling or Bidding off items?

  1. It's the best plugin Auction House I've ever tested!
  2. Is it possible to make a support with the version 1.7.10 please?
  3. Very nice plugin can you add an option to Broadcast when a person add a Item in the Auction...
  4. When the administrator or player returns the item with auction sales, the TPS begins to fall.[​IMG]
    Server version: git-Paper-1618 (MC: 1.12.2) (Implementing API version 1.12.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)
    Plugin version: 1.2.11-RELEASE
  5. Judging by the code of this plugin and the fact that the developer is silent, the plugin is abandoned.
  6. I do not understand, because I communicate with them all the time ... I will pass on the message you sent me. Wait for the answer.
  7. hello could you help me I have a problem and that players who do not have op on my server cannot sell anything so the store this base already has the permissions and even so the message appears (You cannot include more items in Crazy Auctions) they could help me ?
    Thank you
  8. WARNING: This plugin has a duplication glitch. Also there is a group of hackers targeting servers running this plugin. They come in and dupe items. Amass huge fortunes in money and items and then give it all away to other players with the intent of ruining the servers economy. On my server they duped crate keys and were able to get stacks of high level crate keys and then use those to get 2nd tier currency and high level items. Which they then duped and got huge amounts of money and items. They then gave it away to other players. I have reported this on the github issues for this plugin. However at the time I made the report I only knew that exceptions where being thrown by the plugin. Later I found out it was players intentionally causing the exceptions to dupe items. I did update my report on github. Hopefully badbones will fix this soon.

    This is a great plugin I have loved using it. However I would recommend everyone to remove this plugin from their server until it is verified that the dupe glitch has been fixed. This group can ruin a servers economy in less than an hour.
  9. Some guy even made a video on my server, good thing I sanitised it quickly.

    A dislike and a report on that video would be nice as it is just a group of dicks that no one likes trying to mess up servers(good thing I have a well trained staff), every new player that now gets on my server is like "is there /ah?" and we are like "What is /ah?" and keep making them think its fake since there is no /ah... Made a meme of players lol. I already did DMCA claim since they were harming my server and using my server for video + reported their discord to well discord for abuse and for a discords that is meant to harm and do bad stuff to others or servers. I do not take those thingy ligtly and the guy that made his video do now know what kind of wrath he called upon him self. Gonna make every thing I can to ruin his YouTube, like if you just look at title then look at description you will see why that guy should not be on YouTube. Instead of trying to build a career on legit stuff he is using every tag known to man to try to gain the system but I already did my part and hope YouTube does theirs and take that channel down soon.
  10. From the discussion on github it sounds like a completely new version of auction house with all new code from scratch is coming out sometime. Where do we find the new one? Will it be posted here or somewhere else? Can we get dev builds of it?

    I think they posted about my server on a discord that has something to do with a site called leakmania I am not sure but from some of the chat it looks like that may be the case.
  11. Hi.
    how can i add headplayers for use like buttons?
  12. thinking about using this plugin and wanted to know if this issue has been fixed since i saw it has updates about the books and couldn't people just block auctioning books or was that not an option?

    lol makes sense why people would auction these books on our server but we use Kugemonkeys AH and they would just break the whole auction so it wasnt possible i think.
  13. The dupe bug that I reported that does not involve books has been fixed. I tested it. I assume the other dupe bug that involves the books has also been fixed.
  14. Is there a way it can be broadcasted when someone puts an item up for bidding?
  15. Does this support 1.16 natively? I need to update my server on 1.16 :(
  16. Damn I just also had this dupe glitch, group of about 30 people joined a few days ago. Saw lots of crazyauctions commands in the log thus that brought me here. really didn't understand how they duped so much but this explains it. Good that it's fixed!