Spigot Crazy Auctions v1.2.16

Ever want to have a market for players to Auction off by Selling or Bidding off items?

  1. Is this working on 1.16.1?
  2. когда будет обновление плагина на 1.16 ?
  3. Do you have plans to add support for MYSQL? Would you accept money support to add this resource to the project?

    This plugin is just incredible
  4. Did This Plugin need MySQL?
  5. Hello, very nice plugin, all works well.

    my server is premium account, i'am still testing and configuring it, i'did try to put things for sell for test, then i changed my mojang nickname for some other reasons, and my items are npw owned by my old nickname. not the new one

    how to do, so player can have thier items by UID and not by nickname pls ?

    Thank you
  6. Pls update 1.16.4 bug
  7. Is there any way to Blacklist custom named item? Like Sword with name "Magic"?
  8. Add an option to limit prices per item.
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  9. I currently use this plugin on 1.16.5, and the items don't go into my expired items, they just disappears
  10. You can download jenkins last version spigot old version
  11. Does this plugin need any others to work? It isn't even showing on my 1.16.5 server
  12. Use the dev builds
  13. Hello guys,

    can you add search function on this plugin?

    /ah search <ItemName>
  14. Hi, I give him the permission with / pr addperm Member crazyauctions.access and he continues without letting me. The rank plugin is the PowerRanks
  15. I would like an updated 1.17 version.