Spigot Crazy Crate Transaction Logger 2.2

Crazy Crates data logger, a must have if you sell keys for real currency.

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    Crazy Crate Transaction Logger - Crazy Crates data logger, a must have if you sell keys for real currency.

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  2. Interesting plugin, would certainly need sql support though, my provider would not be happy with the file sizes this would create xD
  3. File size shouldn't be crazy high, the system CrazyCrates uses to store key data uses more. I believe CrazyCrates generates 4-5 lines (depending on how many crates you have) when a user first joins. This only logs when a person actually opens a crate.

    We're talking KB's over a course of weeks.
  4. Well with the system I have (which boosts voting and playtime) some of my most no-life players get up to 1,000 keys in a month, so the file size will soon grow in size xD
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  5. A possible suggestion: An exempt permission to not get logged. Sometimes I do a lot of testing of the crates and I wouldn't need that being sent to a log.
  6. maybe try and make this for cratesreloaded to :p
  7. Spoke to the dev, they don't have the API for this to be possible.
  8. alright ive also asked them to add an api to be able to give a key they said they would add it but not anytime soon @dinosaur
  9. We actually have a logger for CrateReloaded that could be toggled via the config.yml. We're working on an API for CrateReloaded that's coming soon tm.
  10. alright cant wait for the api :)
  11. If you need crate logging for his plugin, he did mention that his plugin already has it.
  12. I seen but would be better from doing it by command