Bukkit Crazy Crates || Now with 10 different crate types. v1.8.3

Want some good quality crates without paying money for them? Then check this Crate Plugin Out.

  1. It aint the authors job to do anything. This is a free add on, not paid.
    We've already updated to 1.13.1 and it works great :)
  2. I'll try to reinstall the plugin later (and reupload the custom crates) - fingers crossed
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  3. Hi, I now know what the problem is, it's the fact that I don't use a block that haves a GUI by itself (I use a playerhead). Do you or someone else know any work around by any chance? (I'm thinking a plugin that makes a 'empty' gui for a certain block.)

    Kind regards,
  4. That is slightly incorrect, you can use blocks that are not heads (there was already a warning on the crazycrates page about not using heads).

    If you want to use a playerhead, vanilla style: I would use a barrier as the action block, and set the playerhead on an intangible, invisible, floating armor stand that clips into the barrier block. Not the best solution, but its a workaround. Or, if you can figure out how to get a falling sand version of the player head with a plugin, that might work too (and clip the falling sand entity into the barrier block | this is speculation, i have never forced a falling sand head entity).

    Unfortunately, i don't think this plugin supports calling specific crate GUIs.
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  5. I did what you said, everything works perfectly now, thanks!
  6. you have made an excellent plugin.
  7. 1.13 for 2018 ????????????????????????????????????????????????
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  8. I have thought about your issue, and its a bit hard to see where the error is coming from: it just seems like CrazyCrates and the unknown plugin are having conflicting inventory (menu) listeners. To avoid this, disable either of the plugins.
  9. Hey guys!

    I am an admin from BadBones discord server. I'd just like to address a few things.

    • As you can see CC is not updated to 1.13(.1). There is however a promising fork from /FearGames on GitHub and can be compiled yourself unless the author provides a download via a CI/Travis repo (Posting a version of that resource however on Spigot isn't allowed)
    • If you need help, there are about 4-5 staff in the discord always looking to help people. I'm online most of the day always willing to help.
    • Unfortunately, we're still unsure about an official ETA for a release of CC for 1.13/.1. However please be patient!
    Thanks, Eliza.
    #1251 Interface, Sep 20, 2018 at 9:07 AM
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  10. pfff worst dev ever promise thing aftyer tell everyone you wont do nothing l;olllll

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