Spigot Crazy Crates v1.10.1

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  1. How to I give dyed leather armor in my crates?
  2. what are the perms xD
  3. Sir can you add NPC PLEASE
  4. Hi,

    A few days ago I proposed:

    "In my server i want to add CrazyCrate to win a VIP group but if he already has the rank he can win again.

    Would it be possible to add a permission per icon to win in a crate ?

    Example : CrazyCrates.Basic.1 to the first icon and CrazyCrates.Basic.2 to the second, etc ...
    With a config : Icon-Permissions : true/false

    With this system i can add to VIP : -CrazyCrates.Basic.1 and he can't win the VIP again !

    No plugin trunk can do this and you have already added the command I asked you before so I try again!

    Sorry to my bad english, i'm french ! Thank's !"

    You answered :

    "I mite add a one win option."

    The option you offer will not prevent VIP players from regaining the same gift, but with permission it will be possible!
  5. I have a suggestion, when you are given a key but you have a full inventory can you make it so the key goes to a menu where you can claim it? You can open the claim menu with /cc claim or /cc box and click the key to get it. :)
  6. Hi !

    It's possible to add an SQL support for Virtual crates ?
    Great for Bungeecord servers !
  7. hey! great plugin man, you did a good work! been using it for a while but one question. i added ALOT of prizes to the crates. is there a limit on how much prizes you can add
  8. Are there some PlaceHolders? For example "Number of Available Keys for X crate"
  9. My logs get full of the picture below, causing it to lag and crash server when crates are used.
  10. [IMPORTANT @Kicjow ] I've updated the server to Spigot 1.11.2 and there is a big problem!
    If I click with Left-Click (to preview the Crate), the GUI will open after 4 seconds.
    It is not the server to lag. All it works, only this thing is broken.
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  11. Hello! Can you add physical crates, i mean block/item, for example, when player hold crate in hand and do right click, and config option to disable/enable physical key requirement, for example to open physical crate player need to have a key in inventory. Thank you. Sorry for english.
  12. Do you have do a update for crazy chest who keep after opening?
  13. [​IMG]
    Can you do something?
  14. Issue/Bug:
    1) When using galactic crates, people sometimes are unable to click/accept some rewards in GUI.
    2) CC throws out many InventoryClickEvent errors to console.

  15. Could you pastebin the error and the crates file.