Crazy lag 12 minutes after server started.

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  1. Hi, first of all, thank you for clicking into this thread :)
    I have been having issues with lag for more than two weeks. I kept trying to optimize everything I could. It did get better, but still not very satisfying.
    (13TPS on Average)

    The tps is at 20 8 minutes after server started, with around 30 players.
    At 12 minuts, the tps quickly drops to 12-13 while there're 60+ players. There's still a large amount of resources left, as shown here in the task manager. (It's in Chinese, but you should get the idea by looking at the graph.)

    You can see the timing result here:
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  2. So... can anyone help, please?
  3. There are quite some red numbers. Main issue is SimpleClans, RewardConomy etc
  4. Something with your world save seems faulty. Does it maybe save the world in a 10 minute interval?