Create a cuboid

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  1. Hello im trying to create a cuboid like this (in red)

    Thanks for help :)
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  2. Please specify more info, like what and how you want to accomplish this and how is it going to be done?
  3. have 3 for loops going in each direction and reverse, set blocks and voila
  4. That's not a cuboid... Just have three for loops incrementing in a certain direction and set the blocks
    Example (typed on mobile, might not work)

    Code (Text):
    int x=5;
    int y=2;
    int z=9;
    for(int i = p.getLocation().getX();i++;i<p.getLocation().getX()+x){
    P.getLocation().add(new Location(p.getWorld(),x+i,p.getLocation().getY(),p.getLocation().getZ()).getBlock().setType(Material.WOOL)));}
    //Repeat with y and z
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