Create empty nether map with Multiworld

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  1. I am attempting to create a few different types of world maps and I've gotten stuck on one. I am now trying to create a nether void. That is, a all hell biome map-wide with nothing but air chunks. I have attempted cleanroomgenerator and VoidGenerator-1.1.0. Both are capable of creating void worlds just as Multiworld has an empty world gen built in. However, I have been unable to specify the biome for the new map. I either get plains, the usual random assortment of biomes normal maps make, or a biome called "The Void". The map will need to be rather large and might expand later so I need it to be able to generate new empty nether chunks as maps normally do, thus certain solutions I've found posted in other forums will not work such as:
    Making a normal nether and clearing it with worldedit.
    Making a normal nether and clearing it with mcedit.
    Making a void world and changing the biome with worldedit.
  2. Not use a preset?
  3. What preset are you referring to?
  4. Just a default Minecraft one from the many forums?
  5. Sry but I really don't know what you are referring to.
  6. "Which biome(s) should generate in the world. The rare biomes (such as desert M and sunflower plains), the Nether and the End are not on the list. However, biome variants such as beaches, hills and edge biomes can be generated."

    The nether, or hell biome, is not an option in mc client's custom worlds.