1.17.x Create end world without EnderDragon

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  1. In my plugin IridiumSkyblock, im creating an end world, however when I do so it also spawns in an enderdragon and other enderdragon structures like the home portal, how can I prevent this?

    You can see my code here
  2. It looks like you're using a worldcreator to make the world, I've tried what you're doing before (make an end world using a worldcreator) and I was not able to prevent the dragon and associated structures from spawning.
    I have not tried it, but in some of the threads I saw it was suggested to delay a task to kill the dragon after the world is created, but I'm not sure how you could deal with the structures.
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  3. ye id rather have a less hacky solution
  4. I thought there was a paper or spigot.yml setting about 'check the end dimension for first dragon spawned' , maybe turn that off
  5. Ye but this is for a plugin im making, is there a way I can do this in code? otherwise server owners will have to follow very simple instructions which defo isnt going to happen
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  6. So would I, but I could not find one.