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  1. Hello people, does anyone knows or would someone desing a simple plugin (im willing to pay some euros) to take items from a chest once per person? I mean, you create a chest, then if you take the stuff inside, it wont dissapear like normal chest, the items will remain inside for every player in the server.
    Something like the famous but this one is outdated, i have try 3 hours and i have problems, only OP players can open it ( and i added permissions and have try the /tchest ignore protection command)

    And also outdated.

    Also i have tried but it looks older even

    Thanks, if someone could help me, i would appreciate.
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  2. Marius Big Ounce#2997 <- Discord.
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  3. Im asking if someone knows a plugin with that features, is not only requesting, i know have both options, okay Stellrow i will make the post in the services recruitment section, but this one should stay here also.
  4. add my discord jackskate#4302
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  5. You risk getting banned from spigot
  6. He aint
  7. Come one guys, no one knows can help me with that? :D
  8. If you aren't about to write a plugin, this is the wrong subsection. If you need someone to recommend you a plugin, use the Plugin Help subforum.
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