Create Plugins with Another Plugins

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  1. Can anyone help how to create plugins with another plugins?
    I want to show other plugin's class and I want to make it work
    (I'm doing on Eclipse) (Or is it possible to create plugins with Essentials? I think I need that now)
  2. You can import the plugin you want to use into your project.
    In the Package Explorer; right click your project, click to Build Path > Add External Archives and add the plugins jar.
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    Check that out. You can import it into eclipse by going to window->show view -> other and find git. Then clone and import the project. It gives excellent examples of how to do some basic things.
  4. You can use API like I think BY adding an external jars
    Or Archives in the settings

    RightClick(on the project)»»properties»»java build path »» Libraries »» add external jar or external archives i forgot