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  1. So I always have wondered - where do server owners make their websites at. I know about Enjin , but it's not
    really for me. If you know any way I can create my own server website (including forums, shop, etc.), please answer me! It would be the best if creation would cost nothing or cheap - thank you!

  2. Most servers use Xenforo, which is $160
  3. Look at NamelessMC, the website software itself is free, but obviously hosting for it will cost you some money.
  4. Some servers owners use websites that can be found for free and are hosted for free, well free is not exactly the right words, as the said company puts ads in four (4) or five (5) places in page.
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    I will ask you to take a look at this gif I stole from @MrDienns :


    The point being that you have to compromise on something, if you want something good and cheap code your own website . If you want something fast and cheap, use Enjin. If you want something good and fast well pay for a site with Ghost and purchase a ultimate plan with Tebex to create a matching theme.(I am biased as I use Ghost for my sever)

    Those are just examples, you can also purchase Xenforo forum software and get a custom theme like many servers do or purchase a landing portal page and just have links to your store and discord with no forums.
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  6. That gif is more meant for custom work tho. XenForo is a fantastic system. Super stable, super secure. And for what it is, really not expensive. Fast isn't really that applicable since it's a pre made product, not custom work. But yes still point remains; you get what you pay for.
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    A lot of servers, even the small, newer networks tend to run off XenForo, with a few addons and with a custom theme developed by somone for them. This generally covers everything, aside from the Shop, which is commonly ran off Tebex.

    XenForo will generally run you around $160/year, and a bit more for the addons to get you started. Tebex offers a free plan, but, it doesn't offer a lot, so, it's worth looking into their first tier, which will cost you a bit monthly.

    If the above are too much, another product which a lot of servers are adapting to is Ghost, but, that negates the forum aspect, as it's just a publishing/blog/article platform.