Create TAG 1.7/1.8 HELP pls

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  1. Hello people from Spigot, One question I have and I want to create a TAB or TAB as you like to call in version 1.7.10 / 1.8 there is an API or something like that that can create the TAB? Thank you for helping
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    Sorry don't understand
  3. i'm not sure what do you want but you dont will get too much support for 1.7 or 1.8 versions, also, what do you mean with tagblics?
  4. create something like that, excuse my english

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  5. Creo que hablas español y no es tag es Tab, y si hay un montón de APIs que te pueden ayudar a hacer una.
    Una de las más comunes y qué ocupo en lo personal es Kraken.

    Tambien puedes buscar como "tablist" APIs no tagblicksasdlkksda.
    Espero que te haya ayudado.
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  6. Spigot Forum Rules says:
    Keep content in English as much as possible: Please use a translating service to translate your content before posting if you are unable to speak English.
    i also speak spanish, but we should keep this forum readable for everyone
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  7. G
    I know thanks