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  1. Hi everyone, can anyone tell me how can I start creating a basic minigame? For example a simple team deathmatch.
  2. Code (Java):
    Jokes aside, there's a lot of things to consider here and your question is very broad. This is somewhat equivalent to you saying 'Hi, can anyone here tell me how to build a sports-car?'

    You'll need to provide some details; consider for example these questions:
    - What is the area this is happening in? Are you planning to create a new world for every minigame?
    - Is this a round-based minigame?
    - In general, what are the constraints to your problem?
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  3. You should break the "big" problen into smaller problems, and you'll (probably) see that these smaller problems aren't so difficult when done one by one rather than as one big problem.
    If you have specific issues with the smaller problems you can ask it here.
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  4. don't use tutorials and etc.

    As first you must create minigame class with builder (for min players, max players and etc...).
    After that you must create event listener where you will intercept all events like BlockBreakEvent, BlockPlaceEvent, PlayerItemPickupEvent and etc..

    When you begin you think that it's hard, but it's really easy. Bukkit api have everything that you need to implement a minigame.
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  5. The problem is, I don't know what I need to do to create a basic minigame. That's why I start with the basic ones.
    EDIT: To answer the initial question, it's not a round-based minigame, but a simple tdm minigame. That is, there are 2 teams, the team that arrives at the planned killings wins ..
  6. What you are saying is impossible ..
  7. - Create the arena.
    - Add team spawns to the arena etc ...
    - Check if spawns exist and then enter the players in the waiting room.
    - Wait for enough players to start the timer.
    - After the timer, insert the players into the teams.
    - Teleport team players to their spawns etc ...
    - Create events for the minigame only.
    - Take the winning team.
    - Finish the game.
    - Regenerate the map.
    I think these are the fundamental things to create a minigame ..
  8. Exactly, you have everything that you need.
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  9. To do it you must handle some events and store some values in memory
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  10. You should create an interface with stuff that every minigame you create will need.
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