Creating a hardcore world?

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  1. I use multiverse and i'm wondering if its possible to have a world where if you die you will be banned from it for a certain amount of time, 24 hours - 48 hours
  2. I made a plugin for this on my server. I can share it with you if you'd like.

    It does exactly what you want. You can configure the messages, duration and set which world is the hardcore world. It remembers the players last location in the world and auto purges old timestamp and location data after a month or so.
  3. Can you release it? I would definitely use it
  4. I will probably rewrite some bits and release it publicly later. If you want it for now though, you can download it here

    I've been using it on my server for 6 months and I havent had any issues.

    Note that it saves data on server stop and loads data on server start. If your server crashes then the data for that session may not be saved to file.

    The commands and permissions are in the config.yml.
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  5. I'm running 1.10 and it still has its crashes here and there, so if it crashes I will lose the data?
  6. You will lose the data since you started. On starting, it loads the player data, and then on shut down it saves the data. Give me some time and I'll add in auto saving for you. That should sort out the problem.

    EDIT - Updated the original file link. Delete the config. It will regenerate with autosave options that are enabled by default.
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  7. Thanks alot! It seems to be working good, are you planning to release this so it can be used for future versions?
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  8. Yeah I plan to release a few of the private plugins I've written sometime soon once I touch them up a bit. And make things like prefixes configurable and with better configs. The prefix in the hardcore world plugin was hardcoded with my server name etc. I just changed it for you because that would have been weird. I'm glad that its working well for you! Let me know if you have problems. When I finally upload it here I'll send you a pm so you can download the latest versions from that page later on.
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  9. Its a good plugin!

    Can u add the "/checkhardcore" command's message to the config.yml? :D
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  10. The main point here is that these guys want a Hardcore WORLD that prevents re-entry on death.

    They do not
    want something that temp bans players on death. According to the OP only one world or a few are "hardcore" while the rest can be used normally for survival etc. This is for servers that use Multiverse plugin.

    This thread is completely unrelated to "banning" players from a server on death..

    If there are plugins that do exactly what this thread wants, then post them here. Otherwise you are just diluting the thread with offtopic material. From a cursory view to some of the links posted above, the plugins on top are abandoned or cannot do it world specifically.
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  11. Sure, I just wanna "ban" from the world :D
  12. My apologies
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