Creating a new map & Schematic import

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  1. Hey, I'm creating a plugin FOR MY SERVER so I know what I have on it. I want to check if a map exists and if not, create it. Don't tell me to use multiverse, I know I don't need to. Say using /gotomap teleports the user to that map and /spawn brings it back to real map. Also, how can I place a schematic in a certain place, in comparison to the last one ? Example, the first schematic for player X is at '0,0'. The second player will have it at '0,400'. The third, '400,0'. The fourth, '400,400'. In a kind of grid panel.

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    If you want to test for a world you can use Bukkit.getWorld( name ) and test to see if it's null. If it is, you can create a new world with Bukkit.createWorld( name )
  3. Any way I could create the world from a specific file ? Or create it superflat ? Or void world ?
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    I'm not sure how to load a world, but you can create a World generator and configure the options to use the superflat setting and then create it.