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  1. What I want to do: I set loc1 and loc2 and the entity moves from loc1 to loc2 gradually (not teleport, but more like walk/fly)

    on a side note, how would I set the hands of an armorstand to move gradually also? like one armorstand is there and another armorstand is there in different poses, how would I set it so that the 1st armorstand when going to the second armorstand it looks like its limbs are moving to match the second armorstand, gradually?
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    The first part is a bit tricky, since it involves NMS and setting an entity's pathfinding location. Here's what I found in a Google search:
    Since ArmorStands don't have an AI, you may need to get an other entity to which the armorstand is constantly being teleported to.

    For moving the armor stand's legs/arms, you'll need to do that in a timer. Just increase the rotation incrementally, then reverse it after it gets to a certain point.

    EDIT: Looking closer at the link I put above, it actually doesn't require NMS. It does teleport the entity, but very gradually (not noticeable as teleporting).
  3. yes I had thought of that, but how do I create the path??? like it gets every decimal (.1, .2) in the middle of the 2 cords
  4. Define what you mean by "it gets every decimal". You have to be very specific about everything you mean when you're asking for development help.
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    Use a Bukkit Scheduler timer to increase it every x ticks.
    If you don't know what those are, you should probably try something easier.
  6. m8 i know how to move it, but i need help defining in what direction to move it in...
  7. If you have two locations

    l1: Start location
    l2: End location

    Create a vector: vector = l2 - l1

    This vector gives you the direction to move your entity. You now have to decide on a speed, for example 2 blocks per second. That would be 1/10 blocks per tick. For one teleport every tick that leaves you with length(vector)*10 teleports. Now simply teleport your entity every tick by normalized(vector)/10
  8. Sorry, I am new to minecraft vectors, can you show me some code?
  9. Code (Java):
    Vector vector = new Vector(l2.getX() - l1.getX(), l2.getY() - l1.getY(), l2.getZ() - l1.getZ());
    Vector java docs
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  10. from what I understand vector is basically location, how would it help me?
  11. A vector has two qualities, a magnitude and a direction. In order to get your object to move from one location to another, you will need a vector.
    For example: If you wanted the player to move 3 blocks north, the magnitude is 3, and the direction is north. This is a simple vector.
  12. As pvprealm said, vector is not a location (partially, depend how defiend) ,
    to get your vector from point A to point B, you would do VecB- VecA which will give you
    and thats what Nikl code showed, he took each axis from each distance and done it, alternative way to do it would be locTo.toVec() - locFrom.toVec()
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