Creating a realistic timeout?

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  1. I'm trying to create a plugin that allows me to /timeout <player> with protocollib maybe? I want it to be as realistic as possible without effecting the server performance. Is this possible?
  2. Yes, it's possible.
    A: For ProtocolLib, you can listen to all packets which send to specific player. Store them in a list. Wait for certain times and send them.
    But I think this may bring lag problem (When too much packets stored in the list?) (I didn't try that and I may wrong)
    Another way, listen packets, cancel all packets which send to specific player, and only allows KeepAlive packet. Wait for certain times and... stop cancelling
    I think reduce entities on server or set the config appropriately is better than make a player lag. In my opinion: Player gaming experience first.
  3. Simply cancel all the packets to and from the player, the server and client will do the rest.
    This is 100% realistic, it's like someone cut the cable.
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  4. If you don't want to implement ProtocolLib you could use a Netty-injection and

    Code (Text):
        private List<Player> timeout = new ArrayList<Player>();

        public void onEnable() {
            this.injection = new NettyInjection(this, this.getName());
            this.injection.addHandler("TIMEOUT", new PacketHandler() {
                public Object onPacketIn(Player sender, Channel channel, Object packet) {
                        return null;
                    return packet;
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  5. and if I wanted to use this in command form, I simply add the player to the player array?
  6. Yes that's it